Overlay Road 2
by igotsthestatic

road comments:
One day I thought, "What would happen if I placed two platforms with different effects in the same place?" The result was the Overlay series, of which this road is the second installment of.

Road description: Let's take a break from the craziness of Road 1 and continue on to something a little simpler, eh? This level features combined jump/recharge platforms. There are some gaps but they are easy to jump, there are no gravity inverters, and there are no platforms that make you explode. There are also LOTS of normal platforms that do nothing. You are probably thinking to yourself, "What could possibly be so hard about this?" The answer is that your ship holds about a half-second of charge ;)

Note: You can go as fast you want, although I recommend going slowly...
  1. Download road
  2. Place in the "customs" folder and play
  3. Vote!